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I would like to apologize to my readers for not putting anything out in a while. This is because I believe that I have a number of good articles already out and when new viewers come I don’t want them to be overwhelmed by all the posts.

TCU’s new stadium

If you haven’t heard TCU remodeled their stadium. Max capacity took a slight dip. But the stadium looks really nice. The north and West sides were renovated. It looks really nice. During the Portland State game I walked around the stadium, I looked from every section, even up on the 2nd deck it was still a great view of the ballgame. Underneath the North and West stands, it looks like the Texas Rangers stadium. They made the concrete pillars look like granite. To get access to the 3rd deck you have to go up a walkway. It looks very similar to the Rangers walkway right behind home plate. The stadium looks great. Most people would believe that they will never need to remodel it again. But I think that if Gary Patterson stays at TCU for his entire career and becomes our Bear Bryant and Joe Patterno, TCU will implode their football stadium and may it look like one of the SEC stadiums, that means it will look like a cathedral. Most people wonder where all this money would come from. WE ARE RIGHT ABOVE THE BARNET SHALE! Remember that all the companies that are currently mining it love TCU for giving them the ability to market themselves national. I can’t wait for TCU’s new new stadium in 10 years

Little Man

The talk of the town this year is should Boise State finally be allowed to play with the big boys in the BCS championship game. I believe that Boise State should be allowed because they have proven that they deserve to play with the big boys. They have beaten Oklahoma, TCU, and almost every other team they have faced. They may run too many gimmick plays, and as a TCU fan I am still mildly upset about their fake punt in the Fiesta Bowl. I think that this is their year because they have Kellen Moore who has been the NONAQ Heisman trophy winner for at least 3 years. Boise deserves to play with the big boys, if they can get past TCU, which will not be easy, even though TCU’s pass defense is not what it was last year. Paschal (pronounced PAHALL) is about as good as Dalton was in his junior year. HE has only thrown 2 picks, neither of which were really his fault. It will be one big duel in the mountains when Moore and Paschal face off. Boise state deserves a chance because they have a senior quarterback, and for BCS championship teams a junior or senior QB is a must.


College Football needs a playoff, it is almost impossible to deny. Way too many time we the fans and players have been screwed over by the BCS formula and the polls, we deserve a National Champion who is really the champion. Most bowl representatives are against it because they claim that it would make the bowl games worthless. It  may make the bowls worthless, but imagine the TV revenue. I propose a 16 team playoff, the teams are seeded by their rank in the BCS formula. This may cause a problem though because then conferences may not want to have conference championship because they want the most teams in the playoff. The games for the playoff would be played in the stadiums that hosted the 8 biggest bowls before the playoffs. The final eight teams would play in the BCS stadiums, the final four will play in the BCS bowl hosting the national championship that year, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The NFL would not have any games that Sunday, both games would be played at 3:00 so that way everyone gets a chance to see it. Tv rating would be through the roofs. The games would be aired on FOX ABC NBC or CBS, so everyone get a chance to see the game. These networks would bid for the rights to host the game. ESPN would not be allowed to host these games. We would still have the bowl season, it would be ahead of  the playoffs. So that way everyone still gets TV time.

Conference Cannibalism

Everyone in America knows what is happening to NCAA sports, Conferences are beginning to eat each other up in hopes of forming superconferences, but what they are really doing is racing to see which conference can get the TV deal that will give them 1 billion dollars a year. They are becoming greedy and want to get the most money possible at the cost of fans. MY prediction is that in the next 5 to 10 years we will get superconferences. It will be considered by some to be the second golden age of college football. But after a while fans will get sick of overpriced tickets, and conference games that take them from coast to coast. After this happens, I see two possible outcomes that do not have superconferences. The 1st one which I call the Regional theory is that after this 2nd golden age. Conferences will realize that natural rivalries and fans are more important than TV revenue. This will cause all the old regional conferences to reform these would be the SWAC with all the Texas teams plus OK and OKST minus all the Sunbelters. All the other conferences will be exactly as they were with the Big 12 being replaced by the SWAC. This would be great for Texas teams fans because every single game would sell out. This is because you could practically have season tickets to home and away games. My 2nd theory is that after the 2nd golden age. The conferences will be reformed as they were before, but with a catch, There would be a BCS conference and a NON-AQ conference in each region. And every year you would have promotions and relegation for the worst BCS team and Best NON-AQ team in each region. This would probably never happen because in American sports we do not believe that one bad injury filled season should screw you. However if we never have superconference hopefully we can at least have a playoff. I will talk about that in my next post





My Blog

                This first entry is going to seem a little retarded, but I have to tell you what it is going to be about. It is going to be about sports, mainly about college football. However, I will also post about all the other sports too if anything amazing happens. This means that I will post links to YouTube of the highlights, and if I see a good page on ESPN I will also do links to that. I support TCU, Green Bay, the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, FC Dallas, Wisconsin in Madison, and any team that beats University Texas in Austin. I am a big fan of almost all the sports except for the NBA. I like the NFL, MLB, college football, and college basketball the most.  I love college football, because you have so much tradition, and the players are playing for the love of the game (barring Reggie Bush and Cam Newton). I love it because it gives you pride  knowing you have watched a team come from the cellars to the rose bowl( TCU). I love college basketball, because of the upset, nothing is better than seeing so State team you have never heard of beating a Duke. I like the MLB because of how many people it saves from developing nations, by giving them Minor league contracts. I love the NFL because of how many people it saved from  gangs,  drugs, and violence.