Conference Cannibalism

Everyone in America knows what is happening to NCAA sports, Conferences are beginning to eat each other up in hopes of forming superconferences, but what they are really doing is racing to see which conference can get the TV deal that will give them 1 billion dollars a year. They are becoming greedy and want to get the most money possible at the cost of fans. MY prediction is that in the next 5 to 10 years we will get superconferences. It will be considered by some to be the second golden age of college football. But after a while fans will get sick of overpriced tickets, and conference games that take them from coast to coast. After this happens, I see two possible outcomes that do not have superconferences. The 1st one which I call the Regional theory is that after this 2nd golden age. Conferences will realize that natural rivalries and fans are more important than TV revenue. This will cause all the old regional conferences to reform these would be the SWAC with all the Texas teams plus OK and OKST minus all the Sunbelters. All the other conferences will be exactly as they were with the Big 12 being replaced by the SWAC. This would be great for Texas teams fans because every single game would sell out. This is because you could practically have season tickets to home and away games. My 2nd theory is that after the 2nd golden age. The conferences will be reformed as they were before, but with a catch, There would be a BCS conference and a NON-AQ conference in each region. And every year you would have promotions and relegation for the worst BCS team and Best NON-AQ team in each region. This would probably never happen because in American sports we do not believe that one bad injury filled season should screw you. However if we never have superconference hopefully we can at least have a playoff. I will talk about that in my next post

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