Little Man

The talk of the town this year is should Boise State finally be allowed to play with the big boys in the BCS championship game. I believe that Boise State should be allowed because they have proven that they deserve to play with the big boys. They have beaten Oklahoma, TCU, and almost every other team they have faced. They may run too many gimmick plays, and as a TCU fan I am still mildly upset about their fake punt in the Fiesta Bowl. I think that this is their year because they have Kellen Moore who has been the NONAQ Heisman trophy winner for at least 3 years. Boise deserves to play with the big boys, if they can get past TCU, which will not be easy, even though TCU’s pass defense is not what it was last year. Paschal (pronounced PAHALL) is about as good as Dalton was in his junior year. HE has only thrown 2 picks, neither of which were really his fault. It will be one big duel in the mountains when Moore and Paschal face off. Boise state deserves a chance because they have a senior quarterback, and for BCS championship teams a junior or senior QB is a must.

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