College Football needs a playoff, it is almost impossible to deny. Way too many time we the fans and players have been screwed over by the BCS formula and the polls, we deserve a National Champion who is really the champion. Most bowl representatives are against it because they claim that it would make the bowl games worthless. It  may make the bowls worthless, but imagine the TV revenue. I propose a 16 team playoff, the teams are seeded by their rank in the BCS formula. This may cause a problem though because then conferences may not want to have conference championship because they want the most teams in the playoff. The games for the playoff would be played in the stadiums that hosted the 8 biggest bowls before the playoffs. The final eight teams would play in the BCS stadiums, the final four will play in the BCS bowl hosting the national championship that year, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The NFL would not have any games that Sunday, both games would be played at 3:00 so that way everyone gets a chance to see it. Tv rating would be through the roofs. The games would be aired on FOX ABC NBC or CBS, so everyone get a chance to see the game. These networks would bid for the rights to host the game. ESPN would not be allowed to host these games. We would still have the bowl season, it would be ahead of  the playoffs. So that way everyone still gets TV time.

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