Frog go to big 12

Suck it smu


TCU’s new stadium

If you haven’t heard TCU remodeled their stadium. Max capacity took a slight dip. But the stadium looks really nice. The north and West sides were renovated. It looks really nice. During the Portland State game I walked around the stadium, I looked from every section, even up on the 2nd deck it was still a great view of the ballgame. Underneath the North and West stands, it looks like the Texas Rangers stadium. They made the concrete pillars look like granite. To get access to the 3rd deck you have to go up a walkway. It looks very similar to the Rangers walkway right behind home plate. The stadium looks great. Most people would believe that they will never need to remodel it again. But I think that if Gary Patterson stays at TCU for his entire career and becomes our Bear Bryant and Joe Patterno, TCU will implode their football stadium and may it look like one of the SEC stadiums, that means it will look like a cathedral. Most people wonder where all this money would come from. WE ARE RIGHT ABOVE THE BARNET SHALE! Remember that all the companies that are currently mining it love TCU for giving them the ability to market themselves national. I can’t wait for TCU’s new new stadium in 10 years